The Vintage Retro Utility Cupboard. Making a Come Back

You see these on all the second world and post war Brit fliks and tv dramas. The humble utility cupboard. The basic thought was to create as much practical utility space in as small an area as possible. The idea started in the Twenties and there are some early examples of some fantastic metal and solid wood creations. With raw materials scarce after the war but a highly skilled labour force this genre of furniture really took off and although mainly made of ply they were so well designed and made there are huge numbers remaining. The current upward interest in retro furniture has seen the auction prices rise dramatically but I rather suspect to nothing like they will be in a few years. Ten years ago an auction would not accept these dressers and cupboards as the commercial value was zilch and coming out of houses with shall we say dated interiors they were generally still intact but aesthetically in a poor state of health. The current trend of diy furniture has seen them become the perfect project for upcycling as thousands have new life breathed into them by loving owners who like a twist of retro and the obligatory wacky colours.

And of course a brilliant practical design. The photos show one we have just sold. Restoring them does involve a lot of work so we sell them as we find them and let the customer do the rest.


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