The Crystal Palace FC Manager Conundrum / de Boer

It is quite interesting reading the forum of the enemy, Brighton and Hove Albion North Stand Chat. Utterly choked the Palace have seemingly secured the services of a high profile manager the scribes see fit to ignore his playing pedigree and enormous success at Ajax and focus on his short spell at Inter Milan where he won 5 out of 14 games. After the efforts of Pardew 5 out of 14 was clearly deemed a mouth watering prospect by the club owners ! and obviously to reiterate to the Albion faithful four Dutch titles.

Holloway, Pulis, Warnock, Pardew and Allardyce were all appointed in an atmosphere of crisis so it has been a luxury for the owners to mull over the appointment. If Dyche had been a free agent he would have been my choice but I would have been ashamed of my club if they poached a much loved manager from another club. Many Palace fans didn’t seem to equate how they would have felt if during our highly successful run under Steve Coppell how they would have felt if he had left us for slightly bigger and slightly more ambitious club and how crushing that would be.

The style preference of Frank de Boer does not suit our current style and let’s face it if he has a wildly successful tenure he’ll probably sod off to Arsenal. But we are Palace and have to face facts whils’t we now have the finances and the league to attract big management names, they will be in demand if they are successful. Pulis had a great run at Palace but ultimately when he fell out with Parish his only destination was to be a similar sized club as with Dyche so we could have done that building a settled club thing.

But the others in the running had no appeal to me and de Boer stands out as a great punt. Immediately he has lifted the profile of the club and made us a better appeal in the transfer market to augment what is already a top ten squad of players. He is clearly a great manager and just maybe he is the sort of person who would be happy building a dynasty. The Palace are sleeping giants held back by the equally loved and loathed confines of Selhurt Park. But with plans underway to seriously transform it and in Parish one of the best Chairman in football and a livelong Palace nut, just maybe it could be his bag. He has already stated one of the draws of going to Palace is the passion of the fans and maybe he is the sort of chap where contentment overrules ambition. But I am a football fan and therefore an optimist and as such Palace need to permanently monitor the lower leagues so when Frank goes we can finally get a long term fit for the club.

Ironically if I could choose any fit for a long term manager I would poach a Mr Hughton from Brighton a great manager for a club like ours and it wouldn’t half rub it into the noses of our dear friends from the south coast


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The Vintage Retro Utility Cupboard. Making a Come Back

You see these on all the second world and post war Brit fliks and tv dramas. The humble utility cupboard. The basic thought was to create as much practical utility space in as small an area as possible. The idea started in the Twenties and there are some early examples of some fantastic metal and solid wood creations. With raw materials scarce after the war but a highly skilled labour force this genre of furniture really took off and although mainly made of ply they were so well designed and made there are huge numbers remaining. The current upward interest in retro furniture has seen the auction prices rise dramatically but I rather suspect to nothing like they will be in a few years. Ten years ago an auction would not accept these dressers and cupboards as the commercial value was zilch and coming out of houses with shall we say dated interiors they were generally still intact but aesthetically in a poor state of health. The current trend of diy furniture has seen them become the perfect project for upcycling as thousands have new life breathed into them by loving owners who like a twist of retro and the obligatory wacky colours.

And of course a brilliant practical design. The photos show one we have just sold. Restoring them does involve a lot of work so we sell them as we find them and let the customer do the rest.